Is it possible to port a mobile game to consoles as Nintendo Switch?

Nicolas de Kerchove
2 min readApr 2, 2021

Yes, it is!

Today, the game market is fragmented into different platforms. The platforms as you can in graph below evolve with the time. We can see for example that mobile gaming is now taking almost 50% of the global game market. We can also see cloud gaming and AR/VR platforms arising.

The key for game developers and publishers is to develop a successful game. A game with engagement, retention and which is profitable.

Sometimes you succeed to have such a game in one of the platform but can’t enjoy the market of other platforms. That’s the moment you think to port.

When some portage can be done internally with your own teams some others are more complex. You may think that bringing a mobile game to console as Nintendo Switch is impossible, isn’it? It’s not true. Some studios made of experimented developers have developed some own technologies to do so on a cost effective way. They adapt the UX/UI (User experience and User interface) of the game if necessary and port the game to the desired platform.

Payment for this kind of development is based on milestones but you can negotiate a full reimbursement in the case the final port wouldn’t be working. Also, always ask for some referrals from the development team.

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